The Middle Earth,
a place where blockchain
and our reality connect.

"The Middle Earth of ITAM connects the real world with blockchain through NFT and NTT.
The Middle Earth is a mediator for NFT exchange between blockchains.
All blockchain users can meet in the Middle Earth and exchange tokens freely."

NFT Farm (Platform)

NFT Farm utilizes ITAM's Middle Earth services to exchange unique digital content assets, including games, within the ITAM ecosystem.

Dungeon princess (Contents)

Real hardcore RPG!!
farming items and trading items

Duckbook (Contents)

Collecting Celeb Trading Card (NFT)


Multi chain

Provide powerful middleware for easy management of NFT across multiple chains


Easy Social Login support

Support API

Provide API to each developer Easy application of blockchain to each company's services

Support Developer

Development support, service development funding support program

Connect Real World

Support for easy payments, credit cards, and tokens



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