Play to Earn, Game Items Become Real Assets.

Creating real value for game users with blockchain technology


This is ITAM Games.

We believe games must not only be entertaining,
but transparent with blockchain technology.

There are numerous game developers in the world
that find happiness in bringing joy to people,
and users who want to see and own their game data in a transparent way.

By supporting the game developers with blockchain technology,
we provide an easy way for existing games to be integrated with blockchain.
And by developing the technology to collect, search, and transact digital assets,
a world where users' efforts are valued is created.

Presenting, The ITAM Store.

The world where game assets become digital assets owned by the users is here.

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    Utilize EOS with ease and speed.
    EOStock, the Chrome Extension Wallet with various features

  • itam


    The start of a new blockchain mobile gaming era
    begins with the application of the ITAM SDK.

  • itam

    ITAM Games

    High quality, just like the existing games
    Experience authentic blockchain games
    with ITAM Games.

  • itam

    ITAM Market

    With the ITAM Market, you can search for
    digital assets, its creation, and every users' history.


March 28,2019
The 0.1.0 beta version
of the ITAM Store
is now
available for blockchain gameplay!

Store APK Download

Play to Earn!!

In-Game Assets All In Your Wallet

Thanks to the blockchain technology supported on ITAM Store,
gamers are able to own and hold their in-game assets, such as
achievements and items, that were once merely data on the game.

All the Blockchain Games
You’ve Imagined, Here. ITAM Store

The Gaming Experience of ITAM Games

Experience the world of blockchain games that ITAM Games created.
Game developers and users alike will experience an-all new gaming ecosystem.

Game User’s Benefit

  • In-game digital assets owned on my Wallet, not saved on a centralized game server.
  • Giving full ownership of in-game digital assets.
  • Trade digital assets with other users.
  • Fair game competition with blockchain technology.
  • Transparency in achievements, leaderboards, high scores, rankings, and more.
  • Public tracking of in-game history.

Developer’s Benefit

  • Simply by applying the ITAM SDK, create blockchain games without prior knowledge or know-how of blockchain technology.
  • 80% of in-game payments are given to the game developers, automatically transferred to the developer's wallet after 15 days.
  • EOS.IO full node service supported for free.
  • Opportunity in the new world of blockchain gaming.


Read more about the blockchain gaming
ecosystem being made by ITAM Games.

ITAM Games' Ecosystem

We have designed the ITAM Games ecosystem so that every participants can receive fair
and reasonable benefits. The ITAM Token will be used as the native token.

  • Reasonable Game Provision Fee

      Game Develop 80% / ITAM 20%
      Game Develop 3% / ITAM 7%
  • Broad range of cryptocurrencies

    Broad range of cryptocurrencies will be used in certain means of exchange so that more active game content purchases can be made.
  • Special Benefits of ITAM Token

    Purchasing certain premium content and discounts in digital asset trading fees.
    Can rent ITAM NFT from other users by paying ITAM Token as rental fee.

ITAM Token Distribution

Token Distribution

  • 40% Token Sale
  • 30% ITAM Ecosystem
  • 15% Marketing
  • 10% Team
  • 5% Advisor&Early Supporters

Use of Fund

  • 30% ITAM dApp Fund
  • 25% R & D
  • 15% Marketing
  • 15% Reserve
  • 8% Operation
  • 7% Tax & Legal

Receive news on how ITAM Games is creating
the world of blockchain gaming.


  • 2018.3Q


    • The World’s First EOS Chrome Extension Wallet launch


    • EOS Development Focused Block Explorer Launch


    • Architecture design and features planning, start of development

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • game developer team setting, start development

    EOS Fullnode

    • EOS full-node setup completion
  • 2018.4Q

    ITAM Store

    • Development of console, game application registration for game developers
    • Google chrome extension EOS wallet EOStock, Game store,
    • SDK connecting application Alpha Ver.
    • partnership with game developers and store enlistment contract


    • Record In-app purchase, leaderboard, achievement of user history on blockchain

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • release of teaser trailer

    Optimal Middleware for EOS Full Node

    • History API service test, independent plugin
  • 2019.1Q

    ITAM Store

    • v0.9 Open Beta launch
    • Release 2+ games onto the Store
    • ITAM Market open beta service


    • v0.9 development
    • simple login, digital asset (ITAM NFT) development

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • Completion of Alpha ver
  • 2019.2Q

    ITAM Store

    • v1.0 Release
    • System feature update
    • Launch 10+ games on the store
    • Digital assets(ITAM NFT)Exchange service


    • v1.0 release
    • Digital asset tokenization(ITAM NFT), transfer feature

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • beta version update
  • 2019.3Q

    ITAM Store

    • Store update and launch 20+ additional games on the store
    • Game community feature


    • ITAM NFT peer to peer rental feature

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • Open Beta ver1.0, Released in certain region
  • 2019.4Q

    ITAM Store

    • Release of ITAM AD service and pre-registration of new game


    • Marketing support tool for game developers (revenue and acquisition analytics system, ads Games, etc.)

    ITAM Games In-house Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

    • Global market launch, continuously update on game contents

Game Partners

  • ventumm
  • rpo
  • chocolate
  • redzaam
  • ssicosm
  • nexelon
  • yt
  • nemocomm
  • zenad
  • moongci
  • nbro
  • dreamplay
  • goldenpia
  • lunosoft
  • grrr
  • newfo
  • holt
  • poom
  • 39
  • youcanstar
  • untw


  • cannoncapital
  • rocketfuel
  • hexlant
  • moonpay
  • meetone
  • tokenpocket
  • marker
  • nodeplus
  • eosinfra
  • eosx
  • paytomat
  • apposha
  • decenter
  • bespin
  • ohpartners



    • What is ITAM Games?

      ITAM Games is a company seeking to innovate the gaming ecosystem by putting achievements, leaderboards, and in-game assets on blockchain. In addition, ITAM Games provides SDKs for game companies to easily integrate this innovative technology onto their games. ITAM Games aims to realize the dream of gamers worldwide of 'Play to Earn.'

    • What is the ITAM Store?

      ITAM Store is the blockchain gaming platform developed by ITAM Games, and is the marketplace where you can play various blockchain games, as well as transact digital assets in a safe way.

    • What is ITAM DADEX?

      ITAM DADEX (ITAM Digital Asset Decentralized Exchange) is a digital asset exchange that allows users to sell and buy the digital assets (ITAM NFTs) they've earned while playing the blockchain games on the ITAM Store.

    • What blockchain does ITAM Games run on?

      ITAM Games is a blockchain mobile gaming platform based on the [EOS.IO]( protocol.

    • What is the ITAM Token?

      ITAM is the native token to ITAM Games. It will be used in various ways on the ITAM Games services, for both the users and game developers.

    • Where is ITAM Token used for holders?

      When using the ITAM Token to pay exchange fees, users will receive significant discounts.
      Also, ITAM Games will allow certain content or access rights to be only purchased through the ITAM Token.
      In the future, we will have the ITAM Token to have preferential use value such as voting power in the community, future pre-purchase game and NFT pre-sales.

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