An EOS-based DAPP project for a transparent gaming ecosystem.
A Blockchain Gaming Platform ITAM Network

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ITAM Network, the start of a transparent gaming ecosystem

ITAM Network aims to create a transparent ecosystem by preventing malicious creations, hacking, copying, etc. of mobile gaming items by incorporating blockchain technology. An EOS-based blockchain DAPP for P2P trading and digital capitalization of game items.

Use Case

ITAM Network easily connects mobile games and users through the SDK with blockchain technology.
The characters and items gamers had to once leave behind in order to play a new game can now be sold to other users, and items for the new game can be bought. Share personal strategies, item combinations, and other useful information to the gaming community, get referrals from users and be rewarded with ITAM TOKEN that can be used to purchase items.
P2P Trade

Game Item Trading

Traded unique items acquired from gameplay with other users.


Share Game Strategies

Shared personal strategies, item combinations, and other useful information to the gaming community and received referrals

Token Rewards

Ranking Rewards

Received ITAM TOKENS by ranking high in games

Decision-Making Participation

User Voting Participation

Participated in gaming operations policy voting, and setting the directions and operations

Decision-Making Participation

Game Funding Participation

Received special rewards by participating in the crowdfunding of new games

Tokens born solely for the gaming ecosystem

ITAM Tokens are utility tokens that make up the ecosystem of ITAM Network.

Gamers are rewarded with ITAM Tokens for their zealous gameplay.
ITAM Tokens are used for transactions with other users for characters and/or items.

Utilize ITAM Tokens to invest and directly participate in voting for the launch and updates of new games, forming a user-created gaming ecosystem.

ITAM NETWORK Development Schedule

Road Map

2018 3Q

  • Launch the EOS-based ITAM Network Token Wallet

2018 4Q

  • Release of Bluedawn for ITAM demo video
  • Launch the EOS-based ITAM Network beta service (account, item wallet, item trading)
  • Contract 2 game publications

2019 1Q

  • Launch of the EOS-based ITAM Network official service (account, item wallet, item trading, community)
  • BlueDawn + Game beta test

2019 2Q

  • Launch of BlueDawn for ITAM
  • Additional launch of 1 Game

Our Service

Services Provided by ITAM Network


An EOS Block Explorer for a convenientway to view EOS Main Net's accounts,transactions, airdrops, and cotnracts.


A Chrome Extension EOS Wallet that works straight from the browser.
EOS and various tokens can be transferred.