All the Blockchain Games You’ve Ever Imagined, Here.

Our vision is to provide a new decentralized mobile store built on EOS that ensures transparency, ownership, and fungibility of digital assets.

ITAM Games

While applications like the Google Play Store and the App Store provide infrastructural tools in the areas of payment and authentication, dApp users face security vulnerabilities with repeated actions in private key input. With the ITAM Store, users are able to search and download native applications and use it as an authentication infrastructure.


Mobile Games

  • PvP Warfare Battle Game

    Gangster Arena

    A real-time mobile warfare game where 4 users fight until the last man standing.

    Available Q1 2019
  • Collective-type Mobile RPG


    People suffering from the ancient dragon, Caldigar, and the 4 heroes that rose because of it.

    Available Summer 2019
Gripping Storyline


Caldigar, the ancient dragon that ravaged the continent of Rinel, was seized by 4 heroes, and peace was found on the land. Hundreds of years later, the Caran Empire’s military goes into full power to invade the surrounding nations. To protect the Kingdom from the Caran Empire, Rian and Elaine embark on a journey to find an artifact that has been seized.

Incredible User Experience

Authentic Blockchain Game

In the authentic blockchain game, BlueDawn, game users can experience stunning graphics, seamless movement, smooth frame speed and responsive controls, as well as a gripping storyline with compelling characters. User experience will be just like that of the most popular games in the current market.

New Stories and Challenges

Unbound World

BlueDawn game users will be absorbed in its story, which will reveal captivating characters. The ITAM Games team will continue to develop and expand the world within BlueDawn to introduce new stories and challenges over time. As game users rank up and gain more items with unique powers, further stories and challenges will be unveiled.

Tradable Premium Digital Assets

Game Items

BlueDawn characters can acquire items with special powers throughout the game to complete milestones. Using the game items as well as investing some time and resources into the game, users can create premium game items, which can be traded with other users through the ITAM DADEX.

ITAM Games Store



Available Q1 2019

ITAM’s all-in-one decentralized mobile store supports single-sign-on authentication, account management, and search/review platform. In the ITAM Store, users are able to search and download native applications and use the authentication infrastructure.


Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

The ITAM Wallet includes personalized functionalities of a cryptocurrency wallet. Users can easily access user authentication, view proprietary informations such as informations on tokens and other premium digital assets, transactions and their history, and also easily log into ITAM Games and the games on the platform.


Digital Asset Decentralized Exchange

ITAM DADEX is a decentralized service that allows transfers and transactions of premium digital assets acquired by game users. Blockchain technology ensures reliability, transparency, and integrity of digital asset transactions.


Software Development Kit

To facilitate the connection between the EOS protocol and games, ITAM will distribute the ITAM SDK and plug-in package. Both Mobile and Server SDKs will be provided for mobile gaming clients, which includes a smart contract in the blockchain.

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ITAM Store
ITAM Store



We aren’t just “talks” about the “future” The work we've done legitimizes ITAM Games.


  • Block Explorer launch


  • Chrome Extension EOS Wallet launch


  • Architecture design and features planning, start of development

ITAM Games First Party’s Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

  • Start of in-house development of a mobile RPG game that contains a blockchain gaming economic system

EOS Fullnode

  • Build

ITAM Game Store

  • Development of application registration console for game companies
  • Completion of (Game Store, Wallet, SDK connection) Applications Alpha Ver.
  • Alliances and standing point contracts with partnered game companies


  • SSO, In-App Purchase, Digital Asset Registration development

ITAM Games First Party’s Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

  • Release of teaser trailer after completion of alpha

EOS Fullnode

  • Provide history api service -> Finished testing, build independent plugin

ITAM Game Store

  • V1.0 launch
  • Update system features
  • Release 10+ games onto the Store


  • Update In-App DADEX, PVP feature
  • V1.0 launch

ITAM Games First Party’s Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

  • Release 2nd teaser trailer

ITAM Game Store

  • Release of crowdfunding, pre-order, community features
  • Launch 30+ additional games on the Store


  • In-app community feature update

ITAM Games First Party’s Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

  • Closed Beta ver.

ITAM Game Store

  • Release of Ads service


  • Marketing support tool for game companies (revenue and acquisition analytics system, ads network, etc.)

ITAM Games First Party’s Blockchain Mobile RPG “BlueDawn”

  • Open Beta Ver1.0 Release


  • cannon capital
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